Agency and Intentions in Language 1

University of Göttingen (virtual)

January 13 – 15, 2021


Our sense of agency and ability to distinguish between intentional and accidental actions are fundamental for social interaction. They allow us to plan and perform joint actions and assign responsibility for our own actions and those of others. Research on the nature of agency and intentions has been very fruitful over the last few decades both in philosophy and in linguistics. However, interdisciplinary discussion has rarely taken place.

We are delighted to announce the first interdisciplinary workshop on Agency and Intentions in Language (AIL1). The goal of the workshop is to bring together scholars in linguistics and philosophy interested in questions related to agency and intentions.

AIL1 will take place online through Zoom. Links will be sent to registered participants and announced on this website.

For questions or comments, please contact Julie Goncharov.

Invited speakers

  • Francesco Costantini (University of Udine) "On some epistemic access effects"
  • Paul EgrĂ© (Institut Jean-Nicod, PSL University) "Intentions and the Future in Buridan's Bridge"
  • Joshua Knobe (Yale University) "Intention and Moral Judgment"
  • Anna Szabolcsi (NYU) "Want, hope, and regret"

Important dates

  • December 7, 2020 – deadline for abstract submission.
  • end of December 2020 – notification of acceptance.
  • January 13 – 15, 2021 – workshop: 9h – 13h New York time or 15h – 19h Berlin time