Agency and Intentions in Language 1

University of Göttingen (virtual)

January 13 – 15, 2021


The program in a pdf format can be found here. An abstract booklet can be found here.

Wednesday, January 13

8:50-9:00 14:50-15:00 Welcome and opening remarks
9:00-9:45 15:00-15:45 Skill, luck, and mere actions in grammar (abstract)
Bridget Copley
9:50-10:35 15:50-16:35 The role of agency in causal selection (abstract)
Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal, Noa Bassel and York Hagmayer
10:35-10:50 16:35-16:50 break
10:50-11:35 16:50-17:35 Invited talk: Josh Knobe (Yale University)
Intention and Moral Judgment
11:40-12:25 17:40-18:25 The ‘Knobe effect’ as an instance of a ‘Severity effect’ (abstract)
Jan Garcia Olier
12:30-13:15 18:30-19:15 Has the Side-Effect Effect Been Cancelled? (No, Not Yet.) (abstract)
Justin Sytsma, John Schwenkler and Robert Bishop

Thursday, January 14

9:00-9:45 15:00-15:45 Intentional Inaction, Blame, and Obligation: A Case Study of “Ought Implies Can” Using Qualitative Methods (abstract)
Kyle Thompson
9:50-10:35 15:50-16:35 Multiplicity and Culmination (abstract)
Stefano Papa
10:35-10:50 16:35-16:50 break
10:50-11:35 16:50-17:35 Sociophonetics, semantics, and intention (abstract)
Eric Acton
11:40-12:25 17:40-18:25 On abstinence and avoidance (abstract)
Maria Esipova
12:30-13:15 18:30-19:15 Invited talk: Anna Szabolcsi (NYU)
Want, hope, and regret(handout)

Friday, January 15

9:00-9:45 15:00-15:45 Invited talk: Francesco Costantini (University of Udine)
On some epistemic access effects(handout)
9:50-10:35 15:50-16:35 poster session
10:35-10:50 16:35-16:50 break
10:50-11:35 16:50-17:35 Modal vs. Non-modal ‘Un-agentive’ constructions in Laz (abstract)
Omer Demirok
11:40-12:25 17:40-18:25 Letting structure speak with authority: Constraining agents’ choices with French laisser (abstract)
Clementine Raffy, Marta Donazzan, Bridget Copley and Klaus von Heusinger
12:30-13:15 18:30-19:15 Invited talk: Paul Egre (Institut Jean-Nicod, PSL Uni- versity)
Intentions and the Future in Buridan's Bridge (abstract)

Poster session

Speakers’ preference for more versus less-transparent causatives: Computational modeling, grammaticality judgment and production data from English, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Kiche Mayan and Balinese (abstract, poster)
Ben Ambridge

Agency and agents in the English WAY-construction (abstract, poster)
Caterina Cacioli

An analysis of licensing of PPIs in negative imperatives in terms of implicit exemption from obviation (abstract, poster)
Makoto Kaneko

Renouncing the attempt versus perpetration distinction (abstract, poster)
Izabela Skoczen and Markus Kneer

Agentivity (and lack thereof) in Ibero-Romance middles: evidence for i* (abstract, poster)
Imanol Suarez-Palma