Agency and Intentions in Language 2

Second Annual Interdisciplinary Workshop

Harvey Mudd College (virtual)

January 12 – 14, 2022


The program in a pdf format can be found here. An abstract booklet can be found here. The workshop sessions will all be live and not recorded, so please make sure to save the dates to attend. That said, if you are not able to make the opening presentation, and opening welcome remarks, you can watch an asynchronous "welcome" video here. Additionally, you can learn about our Q & A guidelines in this video. And this last video discusses and encourages some reflections we might have regarding the workshop (it also contains a parting joke if you watch to the end). You can also find the Q & A guidelines and questions for reflection in this document here.

Wednesday, January 12

8:50-9:00 14:50-15:00 Pre-Workshop Greeting
9:00-9:45 15:00-15:45 "Does causality matter?: Impressions of agency influence judgments of both causal and non-casual sentences" (abstract)
Sehrang Joo, Sami Yousif, Fabienne Martin, Frank Keil, and Joshua Knobe
9:50-10:35 15:50-16:35 INVITED TALK: THOMAS GRANO (Indiana University Bloomington), "In the Mood for Intention" (PowerPoint pdf)
10:35-10:50 16:35-16:50 Coffee break
10:50-11:35 16:50-17:35 "Detached agency: How to go through the motions" (abstract)
Jules Salomone-Sehr
11:40-12:25 17:40-18:25 "French double Agents: a force-theoretic account of de and par" (abstract)
Camil Staps and Johan Rooryck
12:30-13:15 18:30-19:15 "Kraemer's puzzle and the theory of intentional action" (abstract)
Kyle Blumberg and John Hawthorne

Thursday, January 13

9:00-9:45 15:00-15:45 "Outcome effects, moral luck and the hindsight bias" (abstract)
Markus Kneer and Izabela Skoczeń
9:50-10:35 15:50-16:35 "Aiming at culmination: causal models, event types, and the imperfective paradox" (abstract)
Prerna Nadathur and Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegal
10:35-10:50 16:35-16:50 Coffee break
10:50-11:35 16:50-17:35 INVITED TALK: DAVID PIZARRO (Cornell University), "False Positive Emotions and Moral Responsibility"
11:40-12:25 17:40-18:25 "Intentional omissions are activities" (abstract)
Kaisa Kärki
12:30-13:15 18:30-19:15 "Wielding and losing control: Russian perfective performatives in interaction" (abstract)
Marco Biasio

Friday, January 14

9:00-9:45 15:00-15:45 INVITED TALK: HANNAH TIERNEY (UC Davis) & ANDREW JAMES LATHAM (University of Sydney), "The Four-Case Argument and the Existential/Universal Effect"
9:50-10:35 15:50-16:35 Poster session
10:35-10:50 16:35-16:50 Coffee break
10:50-11:35 16:50-17:35 "Agentive modals and agentive modality: A cautionary tale" (abstract)
Robert Wallace and Timothy Kearl
11:40-12:25 17:40-18:25 "Analyzing intentionally with local listening and would-be preventers" (abstract)
Bridget Copley and Clémentine Raffy
12:30-13:15 18:30-19:15 INVITED TALK: MAGDALENA KAUFMANN (University of Connecticut), "Tracking Presumed Control" (PowerPoint pdf)

Poster session

"The Group Knobe Effect revisited. Epistemic and doxastic side-effect effects in intuitive judgments concerning group agents" (abstract; poster)
Maciej Tarnowski, Adrian Ziółkowski and Mieszko Tałasiewicz

"Analytical lexical strategies denoting agency and causativity. A synchronic and diachronic investigation in Italian and other Romance languages" (abstract; poster)
Valentina Piunno and Vittorio Ganfi

"Learning propositional attitudes- Becoming an agent by developing metaphorical concepts" (abstract; poster)
Shruti Sharma

"The linguistic and the psychological contributions to the Knobe Effect and the limit of the linguistic effect" (abstract; poster)
Masaharu Mizumoto and Zhong Yuanyan

"Determining the boundaries of Agent-hood: The role of Control-asymmetry" (abstract)
Maria Pinango and Muye Zhang