Agency and Intentions in Language 4

Harvey Mudd College (virtual)

January 10 – 12, 2024


The program in a pdf format can be found here. Also check a booklet with extended abstracts AIL 4 abstract booklet (organized as follows: keynote talks, regular talks, posters sorted according to the schedule). We encourage everyone to look at the abstracts before the talks - this will make the discussion more lively and substantial.

Wednesday, January 10

8:50-9:00 14:50-15:00 Welcome and opening remarks
Session 1. Chair: Robert Truswell
9:00-9:45 15:00-15:45 Keynote talk: Bridget Copley (CNRS)
Pinning down intentions
9:50-10:35 15:50-16:35 Agentivity, animacy, prototypicality and specialized meaning
Malka Rappaport Hovav and Beth Levin
10:35-10:50 16:35-16:50 break
Session 2. Chair: Bridget Copley
10:50-11:35 16:50-17:35 The mental representation of causation explains Kraemer's puzzle
Tadeg Quillien
11:40-12:25 17:40-18:25 Planning and directing
Juan Ignacio Murillo Vargas and Daniel Harris
12:30-13:15 18:30-19:15 Keynote talk: John Schwenkler (University of Illinois)
Naive Rationalization

Thursday, January 11

Session 3. Chair: Julie Goncharov
9:00-9:45 15:00-15:45 Keynote talk: Mikayla Kelley (University of Chicago)
How to Perform a Nonbasic Action
9:50-10:35 15:50-16:35 poster session
10:35-10:50 16:35-16:50 break
Session 4. Chair: John Schwenkler
10:50-11:35 16:50-17:35 Contrasting GIVE-causatives in LSF and French
Patricia Cabredo Hofherr and Adrien Dadone
11:40-12:25 17:40-18:25 Agentivity, causation and intention in passivisation - An empirical case study in Mandarin Chinese and German passive
Jian Ma
12:30-13:15 18:30-19:15 Actions, bodily movements, and events in the world
Robert Reimer

Friday, January 12

Session 5. Chair: Mikayla Kelley
9:00-9:45 15:00-15:45 Keynote talk: Robert Truswell (University of Edinburgh)
Situations, intentions, and locality
9:50-10:35 15:50-16:35 Involuntary agents, affected experiencers, or something else? On 'free' ablative NPs in Finnish
Elsi Kaiser
10:35-10:50 16:35-16:50 break
Session 6. Chair: Kyle Thompson
10:50-11:35 16:50-17:35 Demonstratives and the semantic redundancy of intentions
Jakub Rudnicki
11:40-12:25 17:40-18:25 Are there speech acts in inner speech?
Daniel Gregory
12:30-13:15 18:30-19:15 Can the Norm of assertion be functional?
Alejandro Vesga

Poster session

Conditional intention ascriptions
Milan Mosse

Linguistic framing affects moral responsibility assignments towards AIs and their creators
Dawson Petersen, Amit Amor, and Valerie Shalin

Intentional action without action
Renee Rushing, Romy Vekony and Michael Long